Suspended mode

Jonathan Petersson jpetersson at
Sat Feb 2 08:11:37 CET 2008

I've a comment about having SD turned off during suspend mode, how does
this affect the users running OpenMoko from the SD-card rather than NAND?

Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> If we want our phone has suspended mode, we must think about what
>> peripheral device we need.
>> Therefore, I list three power modes and show these peripheral devices’s
>> status.
>> This attached is just my first outlook and maybe has some faults.
>> Can we talk about some questions in this mail loop?
>> Do we need other power mode? Do any peripheral devices lack?
>> After the discussion, we will do a complete form for these peripheral
>> devices in some power mode.
> Hi Allen -
> This is a very good initiative you started.
> Some comments:
>  - Some submodules have an internal state that determines their power
> consumption while "on", ie, while we give them power.  It is true for
> WLAN and I guess it is true for GSM and Bluetooth.  So "ON" doesn't
> capture the situation in there because they can choose to run their
> radios or not for example and that will be dozens of mA difference.
>  - Particularly Sameo was asking what he should do with Suspend on WLAN.
>  I said that 99% of the time users do not want wake from WLAN, they want
> long suspend battery life.  But sometimes, if users want to wake on an
> incoming VoIP call for example, they do need it and that should be an
> application or user setting.
>  - "Normal Mode" has everything "ON".  But in truth usually the user
> does not want to use every IO method at the same time.  Maybe he didn't
> have any Bluetooth peripheral or he does not like to run a GPS device.
> So we should ultimately allow the user to select to not start support
> for the devices we have power control for (it should be done as whether
> the usermode /etc/init.d script is started or stopped).  If he suddenly
> wants GPS because he is lost, well he can enable it.  The rest of the
> time he gets better battery life.
> - -Andy
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