Suspended mode

Tue Feb 5 12:49:47 CET 2008

Hi Andy:

>Also check all the supply rails like V-DBB, V-IO, V-FLASH (hmm), V_SRAM,
>V-SIM, V_RTC (hmm) and V-ABB to find ones that have >=1.8V in suspend,
>then try to remove any pullup to these rails, eg, if V-SIM has >= 1.8V,
>try to remove R1010 as a test.

I power off GSM modem and set RX, TX, CTS, and RTS to output Low.
The VBAT is 0.004. V-DBB, V-IO, V-FLASH,V-SRAM,V-SIM,V-RTC,and V-ABB are almost zero. I found total current is 4~5mA. It is better than before (8~9mA).

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