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於 二,2008-02-05 於 11:55 +0000,Andy Green 提到:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> > Hi Andy:
> > 
> >> Also check all the supply rails like V-DBB, V-IO, V-FLASH (hmm),
> >> V_SRAM, V-SIM, V_RTC (hmm) and V-ABB to find ones that have >=1.8V
> >> in suspend, then try to remove any pullup to these rails, eg, if
> >> V-SIM has >= 1.8V, try to remove R1010 as a test.
> > 
> > I power off GSM modem and set RX, TX, CTS, and RTS to output Low. The
> > VBAT is 0.004. V-DBB, V-IO, V-FLASH,V-SRAM,V-SIM,V-RTC,and V-ABB are
> > almost zero. I found total current is 4~5mA. It is better than before
> > (8~9mA).
> WAH excellent!  If it is true for all devices (there was some spread
> seen by Matt over different devices) then you just doubled suspend time	
	Well, now I got 3 A5 units in hand. They are prototype #21, #15 and #9
respectively. Both of #21 and #15 have 5~6mA when system is in suspend.
It seems that we have at least two golden samples. :) About #9, probably
there are some components broken. And its suspended current is about

	The good news is the issue of "ONKEY interrupt is trapped in PMU" only
occurs on #9. The ONKEY interrupt of the rest two units behave very
well. This probably explains why its suspended current so high. I think
we are quite close to confirm the suspended current. Oh~yeah ;-)

	The next step is to make sure the GSM would be functional after
resuming. If this could work, I'll send this patch to trunk. 


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