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> Date: February 8, 2008 1:48:43 AM GMT+08:00
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> Subject: Re: Suspend mode  measuring
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> Therefore, I do some research in S3C2442 GPIO configure.
> Hi Allen -
> Roundup of resistor value changes from my side for consideration.
> 0) Can we eliminate R1519 / TX_MODEM pullup.
> 1) I went looking for more 10K resistors, I found some at the end on  
> the
> WLAN SDIO bus.  I wonder if the protocol really needs 10K here or if  
> we
> can increase R7904 - R7907 to, eg, 47K.  They're mainly used to stop  
> the
> bus floating when nobody drives AFAIK so it should be fine.
> 2) I looked at other SDIO designs and they do not pull up the SD /  
> clock line.  Can make R7909 NC?
> 3) R1710 / R1741 is a bit of a strange pair.  R1741 should be NC?   
> Or is
> there a bigger story there?
> 4) Just a reminder about PMU I2C pullups R1707 and R1708 need to be
> reduced to, eg, 22K or 10K to improve signal quality.
> 5) Another issue I brought up some time ago, we would stand a better
> chance to run the Glamo SD interface at 25MHz if we reduced the
> resistors R7503 - R7508 from 100R to say 75R -- it shouldn't really
> impact EMC too much.
> Also I didn't read about the configuration of the "5mA suspend" device
> used in your testing, does it include Bluetooth and WLAN modules?
> Hopefully it did include them, so it can be interesting to test  
> suspend
> current with and without WLAN module, for example.  I see we can't
> switch WLAN power externally but still it is interesting.
> - -Andy
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