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Mon Feb 11 12:58:23 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Busybox init sure didn't spawn it... it must just
>> for accounting it marks it up as child of PID #1 when nothing real
>> occupies PID #1 yet.
> PID 1 is also the precursor if init. It's the parent whose pending
> signals get checked there, not the child. The child starts with its
> signals cleared.

No I looked into that code a bit further at the time, it talks about
checking a variety of scoped signals including "global" ones.  So I at
least simply don't know the flow for that signal and don't understand
the issue on that side.  But its okay for us we circumvented it by
changing the basis on which we issue the kill().

> Yes, but we still need to distinguish running out of battery power
> from trying to start with an empty battery. So perhaps the immediate
> power down would be a an option if the sysfs file says "off".

Sorry it doesn't make any sense for me to make it switchable in /sys or
anywhere else, there's only one right thing to do at each scenario.  I
guess take a look at it when the patch comes and see what you can find
that is wrong and we can go on.

- -Andy
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