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Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at
Tue Feb 12 16:24:46 CET 2008

Matt also doing GSM wake up verification. He verified something that
might affect wake up on GTA02.

1. The current INT17(IO1) is set at GPIO mode instead of INT mode
(initial kernel setting)

2. GSM modem will pull high then fall during system startup

3. GSM modem seems fail to initial INT (pull high) when receiving call
on current moko5 image, we might need to check Erin for firmware
build/put on GSM  EVB with same configuration tomorrow.

4. The hardware interrupt line seems work fine, but both falling/rising
was not detected during phone call session.

Tony Tu

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> In GTA01, TX_MODEM and console_TX use the same UART port(S3C2410).
>> Therefore, R1519 use to reduce noise on console.
>> Now, I will remove R1519 in GTA02 because it's unused.
> Ah I see, great.
>> I will remove it to test the 2V on GSM VBAT.
> Well it won't be a big difference but it shouldn't make it any worse :-)
> - -Andy
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