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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Hi Tony -

> Matt also doing GSM wake up verification. He verified something that
> might affect wake up on GTA02.
> 1. The current INT17(IO1) is set at GPIO mode instead of INT mode
> (initial kernel setting)

Okay I am sure he fixed this.

> 2. GSM modem will pull high then fall during system startup

Okay... I guess this is during initscripts because it is not powered
until then.

> 3. GSM modem seems fail to initial INT (pull high) when receiving call
> on current moko5 image, we might need to check Erin for firmware
> build/put on GSM  EVB with same configuration tomorrow.

Okay nothing we can do except get fixed firmware if that is the problem.

> 4. The hardware interrupt line seems work fine, but both falling/rising
> was not detected during phone call session.

How was this tested?  A printk in the service routine, or some action
expected in userspace did not happen?  If it wasn't the printk, good to
test it that way.

- -Andy
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