[PATCH 00/10] PMU fixes + stability (GTA01 and GTA02) + GTA02 charger support

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 13 02:32:13 CET 2008

warmcat wrote:
> The following series hopefully completes the PMU work for
> GTA01 and GTA02.

Famous last words, with a beast as complex as that PMU :-)

I've applied fix-pcf50606-set-irq-type.patch and
fix-pcf50633-set-irq-type.patch in revision 4056,
fix-pcf50606-atomic-i2c-int-read.patch and
fix-pcf50633-atomic-i2c-int-read.patch in revision 4057.

One small remark: regarding reading of INTn, the manual actually says
"Read access may or may not use incremental addressing." So it seems
that either way should be fine.

Of course, I agree that it's much cleaner to do it in one (non-atomic)
sweep than hammering that poor I2C bus with individual transactions.

- Werner

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