[PATCH 05/10] fix-pcf50633-LOWBAT-kill-init.patch

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 13 02:51:12 CET 2008

warmcat wrote:
> Subject: [PATCH 05/10] fix-pcf50633-LOWBAT-kill-init.patch

Thanks ! Applied in revision 4058.

I think the killing semantics are still a bit screwy, with a race
between init starting and it setting up its signal handlers, but
at least the main policy part is now in APM.

The patches currently live in separate files. If nobody has a better
idea for this in the next few days, I'll merge these patches into
the respective drivers.

The general issue of signals unexpectedly messing with kernel thread
creation still exists, but that's something we better address directly
in mainline, and then let it trickle down to us.

- Werner

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