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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>>> 3. GSM modem seems fail to initial INT (pull high) when receiving call
>>> on current moko5 image, we might need to check Erin for firmware
>>> build/put on GSM  EVB with same configuration tomorrow.
> After Matt discuss with Sean_C, the key that makes INT works as expect
> is the CTS state. If the CTS and RTS on S3C2442 side state was correct,
> then the receiving call with interrupt will happen. If the CTS state not
> correct, will cause GSM think the state was not correct. So, the
> firmware wake part seems ok.
> The GSM wake mechanism described in the old bugzilla entry:

Thanks for this explanation.

I read it through and understood we need to maintain CTS at a good level
during sleep in order to get any wake signal from GSM firmware.

> Now Matt are looking into the GSM suspend(sleep) current too high issue,
> this might be firmware configuration or we do something on the Samsung
> CTS/RTS behavior side.

Ah this is the first I heard of this as an issue on its own.  What is
the measured current for GSM module powered but in sleep right now that
we looked at and said: "too high"?

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