Suspended mode

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at
Wed Feb 13 09:19:18 CET 2008

>> Now Matt are looking into the GSM suspend(sleep) current too high issue,
>> this might be firmware configuration or we do something on the Samsung
>> CTS/RTS behavior side.
> Ah this is the first I heard of this as an issue on its own.  What is
> the measured current for GSM module powered but in sleep right now that
> we looked at and said: "too high"?
> - -Andy

When GSM on with sleep mode (or power saving but still connect to GSM
network), the GSM module will _flicking_ the power from 1-2mA to couple
uA, could observed on power supply's LCD panel. If not in power saving
mode, it will takes about 20mA at idle. But yesterday's suspend
experiment result was GSM module still takes 40-50 mA, that is way to
high. It might because some configuration issue or unknown new moko6 GSM
firmware issue.

-- Tony Tu

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