GTA02 Power Glitch Reason Found

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Fri Feb 15 12:47:17 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> ALLEN_CHANG at wrote:
>> In A6, we will change the PCB and add a 22uF 10V capacitor on VB_SYS.
> If we're doing an A6, could we perhaps also bring a few currently
> unused GPIOs out on test points ? (Somewhere under the LCM.)
> Andy made a very good point that we should have access to GPIOs,
> and that would be a low-risk way to do it.
> I would limit the number to what our layout people are comfortable
> with. I.e., what can be done without big changes.

I think maybe this A6 thing is not to replace A5 if I understood it, we
still go with A5 AFAIK for a first run because there's nothing really
wrong with it.  I think Allen was meaning because we rework that cap we
are driven to use 4.7uF but later we will make space for it on the PCB
and use 22uF.

Its a good idea about more testpoints under the LCM, another possibility
is to use the same kind of Bluetooth module SIL pattern that can be used
both for flatcable if you have one or individual connections down the
opposite side of the board under LCM.

But I think all of this is for later and A5 is still what we go with AFAIK.

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