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Fri Feb 15 14:17:31 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Actually the list of IO_3V3 customers is knowable:
> And quite long ;-)
>> Its a continuum -- we can pull it to 3.0V okay because that is inside
>> +/- 10%.  What happens at 2.7, at 1.8... shouldn't we test it? :-)
> Well, why not. I may be a can with a high worm-protein content,
> though :-)

In the end, it is pure software... if it shows any sign of variation
over the build we can default it to 3.0V and allow the user to set it
via initscript down /sys, or we can just take that attitude from the
start (shame though if it really will operate down at 1.2V
consistently).  So there is no risk here that we can't manage.

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