R70/R71 on debug v3 board ?

ALLEN_CHANG at fic.com.tw ALLEN_CHANG at fic.com.tw
Mon Feb 18 05:12:07 CET 2008

Dear all:

> >.  ADBUS4 is connected to nNOR_WP.
> Testing this on a board I've reworked with 5% resistors on R70 and R74,
> and using 82R for R74 instead of 80R, I get 0.025V on nNOR_WP when set
> low, and 1.27V when set high.
> Unfortunately, the FT2232 resets ADBUS4 to high :-( OpenOCD sets it low.
> The M58WR016QT data sheet says that we need at least 1.3V for a "high"
> on VPP. So those 1.27V are slightly too low. They're close enough to
> make this work on

Oh~ I think we must have a conclusion on debug board v3.
 If nobody wants to write code control ADBUS4, I want remove R74 and R71 will be 80K. I keep R2505 =100K.
Therefore, the ADBUS4 doesn't control /NORWP. When GTA02 plugs the debug board and disable the NOR_WP.

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