Mokoptach series doesn't apply

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Sun Feb 24 06:35:06 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> The only thing I can imagine now is that my svn update-d dir of
> mokopatches is poisoned (interesting feature of git is the hashes
> disallow this possibility BTW).  If I try svn update it says
> $ svn update
> At revision 4102.

OK the stuff in my mokopatch dir from the original tree and what I check
out fresh at

is a bit evil now because we no longer use as our default
kernel if I understood it.

The real stuff is at

If I use this I get correct application -- well stgit import still
rejects several patches due to uncorrected fuzz but I can get those
applied with patch and resume the import.

I diff my original tracked mokopatches and they differ, so this is the
problem, whether because I edited them or some other problem I dunno.
But at least I can go on.

We discussed last night we will move to a frozen mokopatch in git
shortly, so this class of problem will simply go away.

- -Andy
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