issues found with your GTA02 A5

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sun Feb 24 17:46:51 CET 2008

Mickey -
I saw you entries on

24 Feb 2008 issue found: Headphone Jack GPIO is floating, receiving  
500 IRQ's per second, making the system crawl like it has only 50MHz  
(or less...)
24 Feb 2008 issue found: Once sound is initialized, it emits two loud  
cracks per second
24 Feb 2008 issue found: Vibrator is very weak

The weak vibrator is a known issue, we currently don't have a good way  
to set a threshold for what is a 'strong enough' vibrator.
One idea is to use the motion sensors to let software decide, but not  
sure that's as easy to implement as it is to come up with the idea.
Regarding the floating headphone GPIO, Matt had a similar problem a  
while back, I think it was fixed in software since.
I hear about the two loud cracks per second for the first time.
Anybody know more and can help Mickey?

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