resume/suspend observations

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Feb 24 23:35:44 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> NOR is the one thing we can't update :-)

And now we have one reason less to do so :-) The "crash badly after
resuming through NOR" feature is fixed in revision 4108:

    When booting from NOR, u-boot did not check whether we are resuming.
    This patch moves this code to a common function which is called in the
    NOR and NAND boot path (but not when booting from RAM).

    cpu/arm920t/start.S is a very busy file, so a number of other patches
    had to be refreshed.

    - cpu/arm920t/start.S: moved resume detection from NAND-specific code
      to general function
    uboot-s3c2440.patch, uboot-s3c2442.patch, uboot-s3c2443.patch:
      refreshed for above change

> Make sure you retry without a battery in if you had one in.

Hmm, I had the battery out a few times, and the system usually
hung/reset/etc. after a few minutes. Might need closer examination.

- Werner

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