issues found with your GTA02 A5

Andy Green andy at
Mon Feb 25 03:09:36 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Mickey -
> I saw you entries on
> 24 Feb 2008 *issue found*: Headphone Jack GPIO is floating, receiving
> 500 IRQ's per second, making the system crawl like it has only 50MHz (or
> less...)

As you say Matt believes he understands this and has fixed it:

''	If you power up the GSM module, the JACK_INSERT signal would become
floating. Otherwise, it is always-on. Once you try to put GTA02 into
suspsend, it would wake up instantly since JACK_INSERT falling/rising
interrupts occured.

	I'll send the tiny patches to fix this and merge patches from Allen's
hacking later. ''

> I hear about the two loud cracks per second for the first time.
> Anybody know more and can help Mickey?

Are there samples being sent during this time after "sound is
initialized", or it is idle and clacking away?

- -Andy
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