NOR flash utility

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Feb 26 06:24:20 CET 2008

By the way, here's the whole process:

- either make a NOR image using
  (This isn't streamlined yet. You need to edit some paths in there,
  and you also need to run the devirginator setup to the point where
  it produces the splash screen images.)

  or, easier, download my gta02v5 example image:
  (This one isn't our final version, but it seems quite usable.)

- connect a mass-production debug v3 board (*)

- boot your GTA02v5 and copy
  % scp nor.bin neo:
  % scp trunk/src/host/devirginator/flashnor neo:

- build

- on the host, run
  # norwp rw

- log on to the GTA02v5, and run
  # ./flashnor nor.bin

- reset while holding down the AUX key. The menu you see should look
  like this:

Your GTA02 can now recover from any evil that may befall the NAND,
without you having to go through any JTAG contortions.

(*) Checklist:

  - R70, next to the FPC connector is not populated
  - R71, next to R70
  - R74, near the center of the board, close to the FTDI chip is
    present (and should say 000)

  A v2 board will not work for this at all, and any other v3 variant
  (we have at least three versions floating around, maybe more) will
  almost certainly need rework.

- Werner

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