A5 Power routing "minor issues" for some modules

張吉隆 allen_chang at mc.fic.com.tw
Tue Feb 26 15:55:59 CET 2008

Andy Green 提到:
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> Hi folks -
> Thisafternoon I noticed that
>  - vibrator
   I think it's OK to connect to VB_SYS.
>  - USB Host function (plug USB device into gta02)
If we use USB supports the VB_SYS, we can't plug any USB device. Because 
we use the same USB port.
Therefore, we don't need to change.

>  - whole GSM subsystem

Like tony's suggestion, phone always uses the battery to support the power.
Adaptor or USB is not good for supporting  the GSM power.

Best Wishes
      Allen Chang

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