Power Management and OpenMoko - setting expectations.

maddog maddog at workseverywhere.com
Mon Feb 25 17:41:27 CET 2008

Hi folks,

Wolfgang asked me to post some comments I made about power management to
this mailing list, so here goes....

First of all, you need to really set expectations as accurately as you can.
My current Nokia phone states in the manual that it has "240 hours standby
time".  In their dreams!  It is really more like 48 hours stand-by, on a
good day with the wind at its back, and their
misrepresentation so turned me off to Nokia that I don't know if I
will ever buy any of their components again.

Theoretical max numbers only piss people off when the phone discharges its
battery in only half the time stated.  Measuring real
power consumption is the way to go.

Setting a customer's expectations properly is key.  If you tell them
good measurements ahead of time, then it is their issue, not yours, if the
phone does not stay charged long enough for their needs.

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