the return of the devirginator

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Feb 28 12:49:11 CET 2008

The devirginator is back ! And now it also knows about the GTA02 and
even a bit about NOR.

The most important changes are in, which now provides
settings and the boot menu for GTA01, GTA02 NAND, and GTA02 NOR. It
can be further customized by passing options with -D ... to


% ./ -D INIT=/bin/sh
will generate a devirginator that sets up the system to boot into
/bin/sh instead of /sbin/init.

% ./ -D SD_KERNEL=uImage.bin
will use uImage.bin for the kernel booted from SD/MMC instead of the
default "uImage".

I've added two example configurations, one for GTA02v5 (config.gta02v5)
and one for GTA01Bv4 (config.gta01bv4). Special thanks to John Lee for
adding the -latest files to the daily build, which made it possible to
make truly generic config files.

The devirginator also generates a nor.bin file for GTA02. It doesn't
do the actual flashing. To flash that nor.bin, boot the GTA02 into
Linux, then, from the host,

# norwp rw
# ifconfig usb0 up
# scp tmp/nor.bin flashnor
# ssh ./flashnor nor.bin

Note: I didn't test any of the SD/MMC booting yet. Feedback welcome.

- Werner

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