JACK_INSERT and HOLD underlying issues

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Feb 29 04:14:43 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> to wake from HOLD, that is the fact.  So we should remove the wake from
> the HOLD EINT[].  I agree it is kind of not so useful anyway to wake on
> that button since you need to hold the main unit to do something now it
> is woken up.

Yeah, good idea. Removed in revision 4134.

- Werner

----------------------------------- Changes -----------------------------------

Remove wakeup on HOLD, because the functionality is questionable, and the
circuit is actually broken by design. (Suggested by Andy Green.)

- drivers/input/keyboard/neo1973kbd.c (neo1973kbd_probe): do not wake up on

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