considering the switch to 2.6.24

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Jan 8 14:00:53 CET 2008

Hi Harald,

we're considering to switch to 2.6.24 before the upcoming GTA02
production. While this is somewhat risky, given that 2.6.24 is
still a moving target, I think the time we save by not having to
maintain a "stable" 2.6.22 branch for months will more than make up
for any midnight oil we may have to burn now.

The idea is to determine in the next days whether that switch would
cause any major technical upset. Andy has already solved the video
issue, which leaves the NAND partitions as the only known regression.

Do you know of any issues we should watch out for ?

As we're getting ourselves organized around that, we'd like to
synchronize with you.

So we would now like to know what your plans with the tree are.
Are there any major changes you plan to make in the next days that
would interfere with evaluation and moving it over to OpenMoko
mainline ?

Besides that, what's the situation with upstream merges ? We should
avoid touching patches that are already in the pipeline, and make
any changes to them as separate patches. On the other hand, fixes
or enhancements to patches that haven't been pushed yet should go to
the respective patches.

Looking at the 2.6.24 "series", I take it that the first block has
already been successfully pushed, but what about the others. Also,
"pending review" are problematic ones, so I suppose that means
"review before trying to push", correct ?

- Werner

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