[PATCH] Motion sensor SPI interface for GTA02

Willie Chen willie_chen at openmoko.com
Thu Jan 10 03:33:08 CET 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I wrote:
>> Thanks ! I'm debugging and cleaning it up now.
> I checked in a first round. It doesn't work yet, but it doesn't crash
> as badly anymore :-)
> I've checked in the original patch as gta02-acc.patch in SVN revision
> 3799 and my changes as an update in revision 3800, so that it's easier
> to see what I've changed.
> Your original patch is quite clean, but I'd like to draw your attention
> to a three small coding style issues:
> - the "defensive programming" in __reg_read and __reg_write actually
>   masked an incorrect invocation of __reg_write
> - likewise, lis302dl_int_mode would fail silently if given an incorrect
>   accelerometer number. (E.g., someone may think we count from 0, not
>   1.) There are similar issues in the sysfs set_* functions, which I'll
>   fix soon.
> - named constants are much easier to read than just plain numbers,
>   e.g., READ_BIT vs. 0x80, or the way how CTRL3 is now set
> The driver still hangs, but since it's not enabled in our defconfig yet,
> we can include the kernel code regardless. I'll continue chasing the
> interrupt problem.
> Thanks,
> - Werner
Hi Werner,

Thanks for your review. :-)

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