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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Hi Harald,
> we're considering to switch to 2.6.24 before the upcoming GTA02
> production. While this is somewhat risky, given that 2.6.24 is

While Harald is gathering his thoughts about that, I have some things
about 2.6.24.

The NAND problem was caused by a stgit bug that failed to apply an
existing patch properly.  I fixed it the hard way and copied the code
over from a patched, but yesterday I saw what had actually
happened.  So I removed "my" patch and fixed the mokopatches one.

On 2.6.24 the Glamo SD hardware seems to act slightly buggy, but it
didn't behave like that on 2.6.22, I guess it is software somehow.  I
have asked S-Media for technical support on that, AFAIK it's the only
regression so far from a proposed move.

So the status of 2.6.24-random-upstream-git for our usage is looking
pretty decent right now.

Matt Hsu at OpenMoko has started attacking the suspend/resume and
suspend power issues, and he sent out a preliminary patch to help GTA-02
suspend... right now it is able to suspend/resume GTA-02 if it comes up
init=/bin/sh but not resume if it booted through normal initscripts.  I
will track his patches on the "andy" branch of "kernel" at, the first lot are up there already.

I also did a test that I had been worrying about for a while.  I timed
the JFFS2 load time for the default 45MB used (20%) rootfs and timed it
again after copying the /usr tree to a new place with cp -rp, so it
showed 131MB used (I guess it didn't do the compression yet).  The JFFS2
mount time was about the same.

BTW... yesterday I turned off the LCD console support on the kernel
commandline for testing something else... wah the kernel boot flew by
like it was on steroids.  Clearly we burn a lot of time scrolling that
framebuffer at the moment.

- -Andy
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