considering the switch to 2.6.24

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Thu Jan 10 15:30:33 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> I personally recommend switching to the 2.6.24 based tree before a
> release, since it's much easier to do now than later.  The more you
> deviate from more recent kernels, the harder it is to merge back later.

Yep.. that's how it is feeling here too.  I already spent a while on the
Glamo SD having two very different versions due to large upstream changes.

>> BTW... yesterday I turned off the LCD console support on the kernel
>> commandline for testing something else... wah the kernel boot flew by
>> like it was on steroids.  Clearly we burn a lot of time scrolling that
>> framebuffer at the moment.
> yes, unfortuantely I never implemented hardware accelerated framebuffer
> for the glamo driver.  Theoretically there are only a few operations

Well, no complaints: it's not exactly a critical optimization right now
and having working text framebuffer is fine.  It should be disabled with
quiet or some other way for end user boot anyway.

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