GTA-02 U-Boot Splash working

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Fri Jan 11 09:16:40 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> GTA-02 U-Boot Splash is working here now.  There's a 3.5 - 4s dead time,
>> but when it does bring the backlight up the image is already there, and
>> it stays there until Linux picks it up.
> Cool stuff. Is this git tree a superset of what we have in svn? If so,
> then I guess I should make a bitbake recipe for that.

It is a superset, in addition the git trees for both U-Boot and the
2.6.24 Kernel are based on upstream git and have a layered concept

"master"  ->  closely tracks upstream git
"mokopatches" -> closely tracks svn patchset
named branch like "andy" -> current dev patches on top of all that

with this method I can individually update each layer and rebase the
branches that sit on top of it to have the new stuff, it's really
working well.

Since tracking upstream git is always going to be important for us and
may want to be packaged I guess it makes sense to have a recipe.

On the other side Werner is free to pull patches into the svn patchset
(which for a while at least I will not take into mokopatches but keep on
my branch since they may get further meddling).  In the end kernel and
U-Boot might make more sense living on git entirely but for now it's
fine having development happening on git and svn taking more stabilized
patches (something that could eventually be done with a "stable" branch
in git for kernel and U-Boot).

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