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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Fri Jan 11 14:08:24 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> As for the userland speed up...
> Graeme, how far are you with upstart integration?

Upstart / parallel initscripts will be great, I'm just looking at kernel
land stuff personally.

>> If we go that way, we need to consider the impact on packaging paths.
>> Probably we should leave all the packages to point where they are, and
>> have /usr and so on in the "early boot" partition.  Then other packages
>> should place stuff in something like /opt or /usr/local which is mounted
>> or mounted --bind to the second, larger partition.
> From a distro developer standpoint, I really don't like all that. This
> is a massive workaround that may generate more work than going for
> yaffs and upstart or fixing jffs2.

Agreed -- who wants a big stone wall across their living room.

But -- it will work with low risk and definitely deliver the speed
increase, we can do it quickly and the packages affected are all on "our
side", they're things like X and stuff touched by the initscripts.  The
scope of what we have done is limited and contained.  In short it is the
kind of thing we can definitely do in the timescale and will definitely
deliver the result.  (I don't see how it will generate much work either,
the proposal is to leave the existing minimum packageset using its
current paths).

If I understood it, it will be possible to support initscripts dependent
on the main partition presence by blocking them until the partition is up.

If the answer is going to be yaffs, its great, but we need to resolve
this DFU angle that Werner spoke about and actually do it in the next week.

As it stands for the next few days Werner is looking at solving it
without the partitioning methods, I guess he will consider yaffs in that
- -- but if that doesn't pan out next week I will be pushing for JFFS2 /
20/80 rootfs partitions to make a solution, which is why I brought it up

- -Andy
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