GTA02 wifi driver status

Samuel Ortiz sameo at
Fri Jan 11 20:07:07 CET 2008


Here is a brief status for the GTA02 wifi driver.

I came back from holidays on Monday, and started to look at the ar6k 2.0
release that we got from Atheros before xmas.
After cleaning it a bit (their code is supposed to build and run on several
platforms, from QNX to WinCE), I integrated it on my local openmoko kernel.

Then after building and flashing it, the 2.0 module I have here got detected
and powered up on the first try. Messing with it a bit more, and I managed
to associate with my AP.

So, after a week of work on this driver, here is what has been achieved:

- Scanning works fine (the scanning results were filtered by default).
- We associate to an unencrypted and WEP AP.
- I managed to scp several gigabytes from my desktop to the GTA02, over
an open or WEP connection. The throughput, although not quite meaningful,
was a 360 Kbytes/s.

and here is what hasn't been tested or is known to not work so well (in
priority order)

- When I try to scp or ssh from my desktop into my GTA02, the throughput
is very low. Things eventually get done, but very slowly. It seems to be
a power saving issue (our module seems to be missing some frames which
leads to a lot of TCP retransmission), I need to verify that.
- WPA (1 or 2) hasn't been tested yet.
- For some reason, udhcpc isn't able to send a DHCP request over 802.11.
The SDIO host controller never gets any request, so this doesn't seem to
be a driver issue, but it needs to be fixed regardless.


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