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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Hi Sameo -

> - Scanning works fine (the scanning results were filtered by default).
> - We associate to an unencrypted and WEP AP.
> - I managed to scp several gigabytes from my desktop to the GTA02, over
> an open or WEP connection. The throughput, although not quite meaningful,
> was a 360 Kbytes/s.

This is not a bad start!  One question tho, what version of kernel is
your local tree based on at the moment?

> - When I try to scp or ssh from my desktop into my GTA02, the throughput
> is very low. Things eventually get done, but very slowly. It seems to be
> a power saving issue (our module seems to be missing some frames which
> leads to a lot of TCP retransmission), I need to verify that.

I guess having a second box in Monitor mode can help see?

I heard about powersaving mode not always working on all APs the same,
maybe it is worth to try against another brand of AP.

> - WPA (1 or 2) hasn't been tested yet.

Could you explain a little the architecture of how WPA will be achieved,
in terms of if we use wpa_supplicant, or there is firmware in the module
to handle it, if the driver exposes the IOCTLs, etc.

> - For some reason, udhcpc isn't able to send a DHCP request over 802.11.
> The SDIO host controller never gets any request, so this doesn't seem to
> be a driver issue, but it needs to be fixed regardless.

I didn't understand the architecture at all yet of how the driver
integrates, but if it uses mac80211 this has a thing about interfaces
being up IFF_UP style before it will allow traffic through to the driver.

- -Andy
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