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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy Green wrote:
>>> By the way, I'm not sure if we have a firm plan to actually put a
>>> usable rootfs on the first batch of GTA02 devices. If we follow the
>>> GTA01 route ("before you start, please DFU"), this would give us
>>> (and others) considerably more time to find and kill any bugs.
>> Wasn't somebody telling me DFU is a burden for end users to suffer
>> yesterday in another thread?
> I don't know who claimed this, but let me tell you that from all
> reports _I_ got through IRC and personal contacts, many device owners
> _love_ our way to update the firmware. It's

SOLD... I am sat here DFU-ing all day, we definitely can't do without
it.  No I was kidding with Werner, he was saying that for another job
involving DFU for the end user would be ugly, he's not really wrong
about that either.

IIRC I heard there can be problems with making USB Reset action it needs
on Windows is the only thing.

But this wasn't the important point in that post...

- -Andy
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