mount time (was Re: Fwd: Hello -- NAND/NOR Flash design for GTA02)

pgssgp at pgssgp at
Mon Jan 14 11:54:45 CET 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
>> Much more so than all the Windows-clients other vendors ship.
> DFU surely beats the hell out of those things :-)
> What I'm refering to are more complex setup scenarios, where you
> need more interaction than merely writing partitions. E.g., the
> use of DFU to upload a self-contained system to RAM and running it
> there would be such a case.
> Regarding DFU, since it's indeed very nice for simple tasks, it
> may be interesting to make the Linux kernel DFU-capable. (At some
> point in time.)
> - Werner
IIRC, there is config option  CONFIG_JFFS2_SUMMARY which reduces boot 
time considerably
as it does not scan whole flash. I had tried this option with 2.6.17 it 
didn't worked

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