GTA02 MAC addresses

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jan 14 22:35:41 CET 2008

Harald Welte wrote:
> No,  I cannot think of any problems with that.  In fact, this is what
> multi-port ethernet cards seem to do, too.

Okay, good. It's always nice to have company :-)

> Now sure, people can determine that a neo1973 is used by looking at the
> OUI prefix, and then if they have the Wifi MAC, they can predict the
> bluetooth or ethernet-over-usb MAC.

It would only be BT <-> EoUSB. For WLAN, I think we should just use
the address in the "ROM" of the WLAN module.

> I have very little knowledge of the bluetooth security world.

Me neither :-( Also, I don't know if there might be any protocols
in BT that would expect to have their own MAC address, similar to
EoUSB. I hope not.

I think we may want to make the address blocks as small as 16 bits,
to keep their management flexible, which really means about 20'000
assignments or 14.3 bits of randomness, given that we use groups of
three. So they wouldn't be too hard to search, but they'd at least
limit the accuracy with which one can predict MAC address or
production date, given the other.

- Werner

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