2.6.24-rc7 update status

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony_tu at fic.com.tw
Wed Jan 16 13:10:57 CET 2008


> The WLAN came up partially:
>   sdio_wlan 00:01: SDIO device, IDs SD_0001 (active)
>   Unsupported configuration opcode: 3
>   Unsupported configuration opcode: 5
>   ar6000_available
>   ar6000_init() Got WMI @ 0xc7d2b800.
>    Timeout waiting for recv message
>    Target Not Available!!
>   ar6000_avail: register_netdev failed
>   ...
>   unregister_netdevice: device eth0/c7ea0000 never was registered
>   WARNING: at net/core/dev.c:3523 rollback_registered()
> I'm not sure if this is expected behaviour with my old (FW 1.3 ?)
> module. Samuel ?

FW 1.3 only have proprietary driver build for 2.6.22, and the initialize
sequence/api changes over Atheros FW versions. You might need to wait till
receive FW2.0 module to find the results.

If you could provide your tree, Jason might could help you on this. Samuel
working on FW2.0 now :) But Samuel did have FW1.3 module.

> Alas, 2.6.24.x doesn't boot on GTA01 (the kernel doesn't output
> anything, so it probably dies very early), and it seems that this
> was already broken before the latest merge.

Any suggestion on this?

Tony Tu

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