mount time (was Re: Fwd: Hello -- NAND/NOR Flash design for GTA02)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jan 17 08:12:04 CET 2008

I wrote:
> Then I enabled hardware ECC. Note that the code for this is quite
> broken, but as long as there are no real errors, this doesn't matter :-)

By the way, this is fixed now in the 2.6.24-rc7 tree.

> Finally, I gave summaries a try. They increased the image by 3.4%
> and reduced mount time to about 1.2s, or 2.4% of the original time.

We can do even better: if the image is created by untar'ing the rootfs
into a live filesystem, the non-empty area is 77MB (for comparison,
the image obtained with mkfs.jffs2 and sumtool is 50MB), but the
image mounts in a bit less than a second.

- Werner

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