GTA-02 U-Boot Splash working

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jan 21 15:38:44 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> GTA-02 U-Boot Splash is working here now.

Great, thanks ! A few change requests:

- board/neo1973/common/jbt6k74.c and others:

  The  #if defined(CONFIG_ARCH_...)  chains are ugly. With r3897 I've
  checked in a change that introduces a macro CONFIG_GTA02_REVISION with
  the GTA02 revision number.

  So you can do things like  #if CONFIG_GTA02_REVISION >=2  or

  Your patch has a number of these hard to maintain old-style chains.

- board/neo1973/common/jbt6k74.c:

  "GTA-02" should be "GTA02"

- board/neo1973/common/jbt6k74.c:

  Why the removal of blank lines around "get LCM out of reset" ?
  Seems to make things harder to read.

- drivers/video/smedia3362.c:

  Various functions have the opening curly brace at the same line as
  the argument list. E.g.,  void not_k_r_style(void) {

- drivers/video/smedia3362.c:

  There should be at least one blank line between functions. (And,
  extrapolating, also between structs, e.g., u16a_gen_init_0x0000.)

- drivers/video/smedia3362.c:

  There should be a blank line after local variable "bp" in

- Werner

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