GTA02 wifi driver status - week 3

Samuel Ortiz sameo at
Tue Jan 22 01:11:55 CET 2008


Some news from the GTA02 wifi battle:
We made some interesting progresses this week:

- We fixed the UDHCP bug. As expected, it wasn't a wifi driver, but simply
a kernel config miss. AF_PACKET was compiled as a module, and we needed raw
sockets for sending the udhcp discover frames. udhcpc silently fails opening
an AF_PACKET socket, which doesn't help fixing this bug.

- The weird scp throughput issue that we were seeing is now also fixed.
HW production people reported some iperf tests failure, and I realized both
issues were actually caused by the same bug. We were missing some SDIO
interrupts which was causing the ar6k target to wait for us and stop
transmitting pending frames. This is now fixed, and we get some interesting
iperf throughput: around 7.3 Mbits/s as a client (both UDP and TCP tests
with the default window size), and more than 11 Mbits/s as a server for
the UDP test. From my experience, this is quite good for an embedded device.

More good (WPA) news next week, hopefully.


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