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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> Ok, I though that entering a kernel bug in the tracker was the correct
> method - in the future I will just report here.  Descriptions and
> patches are in the tracker here:

All I know is that if you post it here, it gets in front of Werner and
my and other interested folks' face somewhere between 1 minute and 8
hours after, and Bugzilla doesn't always have that effect, although if
other people with the problem are cc'd on the bug that can be useful in
a different way.  Werner is the guy that decides if it goes in the
release kernel.

> Bugzilla Bug 1181 - Battery temperature is incorrect

Is it for sure true that the 10K does not exist INSIDE the battery unit?

> Bugzilla Bug 1182 - Charging current measurement is incorrect

''- Least significant bits of ADCIN1 were not shifted correctly

+		*data2 = (adcs1 << 2) | ((adcs2 & 0x0c)>>2);

OOOH yes it was definitely broken, good catch.

- - A 6V reference voltage was assumed, but a 2.4V reference is actually

Don't have time to examine this, sounds credible.

- - Math could result in negative values, but unsigned types were used

OK.. I guess this means that -mA means charging.

- - Explicit type casting was added to the calculation to correct a
possible overflow''

This didn't make any sense to me... the ADC values are u16s, how can we
overflow a u32 multiplying them by 2400?

- -Andy
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