booting GTA02 from microSD

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Sat Jan 26 10:10:23 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> how hard is it to boot GTA02 from microSD?
> We would probably need to port Andy's glamo/MMC driver into u-boot?

Right.  If it was working on GTA01 it probably won't be a major job and
I'm up for it if it is identified we want it.

However there's no U-Boot framebuffer console at the moment either,
despite we init the framebuffer.

> Does anyone plan to do that or thinks it's a good/bad idea?

I asked about it on IRC when the Linux driver went out and Mickey liked
it then as he likes it now.  The only downside I saw was that going from
the Linux version it'd be a bit slow at ~1.2MBytes/sec, and actually I
couldn't think of a use for it personally.  Otherwise AFAIK it'll work.

But with this Feb 1 deadline coming up I think we have to bounce it
until after, we're not going to get everything we would like done as it
is and this is not a critical feature like suspend / resume is.

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