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Sat Jan 26 13:00:16 CET 2008

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Hi folks -

I stuck the 5 recent contributed patches mentioned on the list from
Bugzilla on to the development git tree.;a=shortlog;h=andy

This isn't really the same as having them accepted into the release
kernel because Werner needs to decide about that.

But it does mean they are "living" on the development tree and getting
compiled all the time, are all in one place and are attributed, they are
not ignored or forgotten, and to the extent people are using the
development tree, they are getting some kind of testing.  If they make
problems I will remove them and post here cc-ing the originator so there
can be a Try #<n+1>.

Note for future patches: it's good if you can attribute and sign them
off according to the kernel rules:

From: Fred Smith <fred at>
Signed-off-by: Fred Smith <fred at>

Description at the top would be nice if you have time too.

Thanks for the contributions and feel free to send more ;-)

- -Andy
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