NOR-aware mtdparts for u-boot

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Jan 29 05:24:04 CET 2008

gta02-nor.patch changes u-boot such that the GTA02's NOR partition shows
up in mtdparts and u-boot doesn't get confused when this happens, i.e.,
"nand command ... <partition>", "dfu-util -a <name>", etc., still work.

This patch isn't in "series" yet, because upgrading u-boot needs some
care after applying this patch. Since there are more disruptive changes
coming, I'll just bunch them all together.

- Werner

----------------------------------- Changes -----------------------------------

- drivers/mtd/nand/nand_bbt.c (nand_create_mtd_dynpart): if CFG_MTDPARTS_PREFIX
  is defined, prepend it to the "mtdparts" setting
- include/configs/neo1973_gta02.h: added CFG_MTDPARTS_PREFIX with the NOR
- include/configs/neo1973_gta02.h (CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS): changed root
  from /dev/mtdblock4 to /dev/mtdblock5
- include/configs/neo1973_gta02.h (CONFIG_CMD_FLASH, CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS, 
  CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT, MTDIDS_DEFAULT), board/neo1973/gta02/Makefile,
  board/neo1973/gta02/nor.c: added pro forma NOR support
- include/configs/neo1973_gta02.h: removed CFG_NO_FLASH
- drivers/usb/usbdfu.c (get_partition_nand): search for the first NAND device
  instead of just assuming that the first entry is the right one

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