[PATCH] motion-sensors-irq-spi.patch

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at openmoko.com
Tue Jan 29 06:44:58 CET 2008

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>>>> Also, iirc, the wake-up from GSM needs a gsm firmware update. Don't
>>>> forget this before saying you can use it :)
>>> Dunno anything about this. 
>> See http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/openmoko-kernel/2007-July/000200.html
>>> But for GTA02, we can reasonably assume they have current firmware.
>> And what about gta01 ? :)

GTA01Bv4's shipment GSM firmware should with interrupt pull high for 
wake up CPU with factory ship image. But in GTA01Bv3 has hardware design 
error that make could make resume from wake up. If it's Bv4, should be 
ok with wake up interrupt.

Not only the interrupt, but also the UART RTS/CTS behavior during resume 
already well defined at GTA01 modem. Sean_Chiang knows more in detail.

> Well I think Wolfgang was asking about GTA02 :-)
> I didn't use the GSM module at all yet due to hardware problems on my
> boards here, so I really dunno anything about it right now :-)

Currently only the interrupt line is verified, resume from GTA02 suspend 
with GSM wake up looks ok on hardware design level, but resume from GSM 
others Matt need do some experiment with Allen.


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