u-boot GTA02 status

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Jan 30 00:51:52 CET 2008

Hi Wolfgang,

just got up and saw your question about u-boot on IRC. This may
actually be of public interest :-)

The recent set of patches provides all the basic functionality we
need from u-boot on GTA02 for successful setup/recovery from NAND
and NOR.

The main features missing at the moment are:

- no boot menu
- no SD/MMC support
- less "bare metal" look and feel

The latter is mainly the lack of a boot menu and the somewhat
awkward sequence of action needed before regular DFU is possible.
So this translates into

- boot menu
- a specific environment when booting from NOR (not just the
  default environment we have now)
- give DFU earlier access to "dynpart" results

Solving the last two items alone will be sufficient to let one
bring up a bricked device with DFU alone. (At the moment, you still
need to type some commands over usbtty. After a device leaves the
factory, it would have a valid u-boot environment with a correct
partition table, so it's actually in a better state than just

- Werner

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