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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> 於 二,2008-01-29 於 14:56 +0000,Andy Green 提到:
> If we don't want to do the rework, I guess we can disable EINT[4] for
> wake.  But it still isn't good for power if it floats... 
>> 							Yes, I concur with your point. ;-)
> so what is the
> plan to deal with this?
>> 					Now I would try to disable DL-GSM pin via pull High according to
>> Allen's suggestion. But there is something strange on this. I need to
>> dig it more. If this could work, we might not have to change the
>> resistor.

Somebody (Werner?) told me that all the "pull ups" had gotten changed to
"pull downs" on the version of the CPU we use, if it is true it would
definitely make for "something strange" with that solution :-O

You can confirm it is the problem by sticking your finger on the scope
probe when you look... if it is a medium value pull down you should see
a little mains power sine wave centered near 0V.  If it is forced low by
an output you won't see any sine wave because your finger is too high an
impedence "sine wave source".  If it floats, you see a big sine wave.

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