pending u-boot changes committed (GTA02)

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Wed Jan 30 12:17:06 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Wah openmoko mail sucks badly,
> Seems that the Taipei server has some problems again :-(
> The one in Germany seems to be fine, though.
>> Can you send these patches over the list Werner?  I would like to see
>> what is happening preferably before it happens.
> The joy of being the one who directly commits to SVN is that I
> only have to go trough the list for the experimental ("RFC")
> kind of stuff :-)
> (I was actually hoping that most internal developers would start
> to commit directly. But this hasn't happened :-( )

It doesn't need that we stick our arms elbow deep into each others'
stuff, but if we get a chance to see what is going on earlier there is
opportunity for other ideas and discussing what is planned before it
happens, and that can include external folks that are interested.

Whatever way you look at it silence followed by a patchbomb isn't ideal,
nobody has the time to go through all that at once so in fact there's no
real review of stuff done that way.

We could really do with a positive culture of review outsourced to the
list, it will definitely reduce the burden on you trying to do it for
incoming patches alone (while your patches get no review).

- -Andy
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