USB device driver debugging

Jean-Michel Bouffard jean-michel.bouffard at
Wed Jan 30 23:58:23 CET 2008

I want to use a USB radio receiver on the Moko but it is not working. Here is
what I have done so far:
- Configure Bluetooth networking
- Set USB port to host mode
- Build the driver using the cross-compiler for the OpenMoko platform
- The driver loads correctly on the phone with "insmod"
- When I connect the device to hone, it is detected the driver initialize and
then the firmware start to load in the device. After the firmware is loaded it
should restart and be detected again with a new "device id" but this part
doesn't work.

So my idea was to watch the USB port and compare the interaction with my laptop
on which the device works. I Used usbmon to monitor my pc and now I'd like to
do the same on the Moko. usbmon doesn't seem to be in the openmoko kernel. And
I went in the source folder of the kernel and "make configure" but I cannot
find where I could enable "usbmon" or "usb debugging".

Any help would be appreciated



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