read NAND

xiangfu xiangfu at
Thu Jul 3 10:12:06 CEST 2008

I write code like this:(can not compile.error message "start_kboot.c:32: 
undefined reference to `ADDR' ")

 >unsigned char buf[824];
 >#define ADDR  (*(volatile unsigned *)buf)
 >int start_kboot()
 >    unsigned long start_addr = 0x32000000;
 >    int size = 824;
 >    nand_read_ll(buf, start_addr, size);
 >    __asm__("b ADDR");
 >    return 0;

1. i compile a LED_ON image and use
    dfu-util -a 0 -R -D led_on
    nand erase u-boot
    nand write.e 0x32000000 0 0x1000

2. i don't know how to allocate memory  to buf. so i just unsigned char 
    and i also don't know how to let the CPU jump to the address.

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