read NAND

xiangfu xiangfu at
Thu Jul 3 11:36:42 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> What happens if you paste (*(volatile unsigned *)buf) in place of the
> ADDR usage? Is it OK?
also not work! :-)
error message:
"start_kboot.c:31: error: called object ‘1’ is not a function "
> | 2. i don't know how to allocate memory to buf. so i just unsigned char
> | buf[824];
> | and i also don't know how to let the CPU jump to the address.
> ~ void (*fp)(void) = (void (*)(void))&buf[0];
that is cool!
> ~ (fp)();
> not something I do very often so I should have looked it up first... :-)
> - -Andy
this is work, thanks Andy.
Unfortunately, I bring the gta02 and debug board ,but did not bring the 
USB cable, so i can not use OPENOCD,
i will try this program later.

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