[PATCH] Stable: make touchscreen work on GTA01

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Sun Jul 6 16:16:42 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I expect that the correct fix would be the change the code to use
| ".excursion_filter_len_bits" at run time, but that code is all gone on
| the andy branch already, so I took the easy way out.

Gotcha now.  Yes it's my fault for trying to keep the GTA01 mach stuff
in sync with various iterations of the patch and not keeping up with how
the GTA02 one ended.  So your patch should solve it.

|> | I'm guessing the touch-screen has the same problem, and that the same
|> | values apply... please correct me if my assumptions are flawed!
|> You mean GTA02 touchscreen has the same problem?  It works fine here at
|> least.
| Er, I phrased that particularly poorly.  I meant to inquire if the
| touchscreen on the GTA01 suffers from the same problem that this patch
| fixes on the GTA02 -- if not, then another fix would be in order.

I read people saying they also had jitter on GTA01 ts similar to the
GTA02 one.  You can test it nicely with ts_test and hold your stylus
still, it should do all kinds of wandering around with the issue.  The
patched version should be pretty still and clean (the Median guys on
here were right).

The second patch for pressure isn't ready, I was told X can't cope with
the changed pressure settings so I pulled it and will resume hostilities
on it the week after next.  But it does show signs of being able to tell
~ about area of contact and that is going to be neat if it is reliable.
That'll also work on GTA01 when it works stable on GTA02.

- -Andy
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